julian park

I'm a software engineer at Facebook (Oculus), where I empower the development of virtual and augmented realities. I studied Computer Science at UC Berkeley with emphasis on computer graphics and language semantics.


React VR Design Tools - Talked publicly about how VR engineering and design work together at Oculus. Check out the event here.

Generating Hints From Multiple Program Embeddings - Automatic hint generation using both syntactic and semantic embeddings of code snippets. Read the paper here.

Realistic Ice Crack Propagation - Microfacet models with stochastic bubble generation to render realistic ice cubes. Watch the video here or read the paper here.

Datateach - NLP-based startup that builds intelligent educational tools, starting with automatic essay feedback. See here.

Extracting Features From Expository Essays - Introductory analysis of standardized exam essays to find representative, quantifiable features. Read the notebook here.

Speedy Swim - Popular iOS game I developed and marketed in high school. Watch the promo video here and assets here.


Gratitude Journal - Some moments in life necessitate a written expression of gratitude. Read here.

The Curse of Optimization - It's real. Read here.

Reflections on Graduation - Hopeful words from a recent UC Berkeley graduate (me). Read here.

Why Christianity - Exploration of faith that fundamentally challenges conditional logic: "If I get that — whatever that is — then I will be happy." Read here.