julian park

I'm a software engineer at Oculus (Facebook), where I empower the creation of virtual and augmented realities. I studied Computer Science at UC Berkeley with emphasis on computer graphics and language semantics.

Fun fact: I was a professional Go, aka Baduk, player at age 9. Now, after many years, I'm relearning how to play because the game offers profound insight into the ways of life, e.g. sacrifice what's seen (immediate territory points) for what's unseen (latent potential for long-term growth).


React VR Design Tools - Talked publicly about how VR engineering and design work together at Oculus. Check out the event here.

Generating Hints From Multiple Program Embeddings - Automatic hint generation using both syntactic and semantic embeddings of code snippets. Read the paper here.

Realistic Ice Crack Propagation - Microfacet models with stochastic bubble generation to render realistic ice cubes. Watch the video here or read the paper here.

Datateach - NLP-based startup that builds intelligent educational tools, starting with automatic essay feedback. See here.

Extracting Features From Expository Essays - Introductory analysis of standardized exam essays to find representative, quantifiable features. Read the notebook here.

Speedy Swim - Popular iOS game I developed and marketed in high school. Watch the promo video here and assets here.


Gratitude Journal - Some moments in life necessitate a written expression of gratitude. Read here.

The Curse of Optimization - It's real. Read here.

Reflections on Graduation - Hopeful words from a recent UC Berkeley graduate (me). Read here.

Why Christianity - Exploration of faith that fundamentally challenges conditional logic: "If I get that — whatever that is — then I will be happy." Read here.